The Bloodhound
The bloodhound is a scent hound. They are a large breed and are very strong.
They look very noble and dignified. Bloodhounds have a very distinguished
history. They were bred by St. Hubert, a seventh century French monk who
later became patron saint of hunters. St. Hubert's hounds helped celebrate the
millennium in the year 1000 and were the ancestors of today's Bloodhounds.
The Bloodhound was not used to track humans until the sixteenth century.
Man trailing is steadily increasing in modern day law enforcement and search
and rescue. Trails performed by proven Bloodhounds are admissible in court.
Now that you have had a short history lesson, it's time to move on to things
you should consider prior to purchasing a Bloodhound. Bloodhounds are
sweet, loving, and gentle but they are also large and bumbling. They can clear
a coffee table with a single wag of their tail. They are very good with children
but may accidentally knock them down due to their size and strength. As
house pets, Bloodhounds require a lot of time and effort. They can be very
headstrong and stubborn, so training requires a lot of patience. You can't just
tell a Bloodhound what to do as you can with some breeds. They are also
super messy! They are big, jowly dogs that slobber a lot.  When they shake
their heads they can leave slobber stringing off everything including you!
Bloodhounds love to roll in the mud as well as other things, the smellier the
better. A good sense of humor is a must for Bloodhound owners!
Bloodhound puppies require a lot of exercise. As someone once told me "the
only good puppy, is a tired puppy"! They will follow their nose where ever it
might lead, getting them into lots of trouble time and time again. They eat any
and everything in sight including but not limited to paper, toys, socks,
remotes, furniture,etc.. You get the idea! Sometimes after one of their little
tasting sprees they will require costly surgery to remove the offending items.
They can be fence diggers, climbers, and jumpers. They must be walked on a
leash and can pull as hard as a truck.
In conclusion, "you don't own a bloodhound, they own you"!

We love finding our Bloodhound puppies loving forever homes.  If you still
want a Bloodhound puppy to be the next special member of your family after
having read this page, welcome to the world of Bloodhound lovers! We do
currently have Bloodhound puppies for sale and would love to place a puppy
with you in it's new forever home!